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After assessing your water usage, our expert may recommend a number of the products listed below. All of the products are easy to fit and designed to save you water and money!

Handheld shower head

Our handheld shower head has a water saving flow rate of 7 litres per minute, with 3 different flow types to ensure an invigorating shower experience. It’s easy to fit and has ‘rub clean nozzles’ for easy care.

Wall-mounted shower head

Designed to appeal to those who really appreciate a good shower, but want to save on water and energy.

The flow maybe low at only 8 litres every minute, but this device delivers in performance, offering an unbelievably invigorating experience.

Save a flush bag

Simply drop into your toilet cistern and expands taking up some of the space that would normally be filled by water. Each time the loo is flushed it saves around one litre of water.

Click here to see how to fit your Save A Flush Bag

Universal tap adaptor kit

These clever devices regulate the flow rate your taps to around 5 litres per minute, helping you to reduce your water usage. Designed to fit a wide range of taps with un-screwable tap ends.

Click here to see how to fit your tap adaptor

Tap adaptors

Designed to reduce flow rates to around 4 litres per minute (for the bathroom) and 8 litres per minute (for the kitchen

Supplied with a chrome fittings to replace the original these handy products save lots of water!

Click here to see how to fit your tap adaptor

4 minute shower timer

A handy device to encourage you and your family to cut down your shower to four minutes.  Simply use the suction cup to attach to a tile and save water immediately.

Hose gun

Never leave your hose running again with this 6 dial hose spray gun with universal fitting and efficiently direct water where you need it.

Shower flow regulator

This clever water efficiency device reduces your shower flow rate to around 8 litres per minute saving lots of lovely water.

Kitchen tap adaptor

With a flow regulator of 8 litre per minute, this easy-to-fit, dual function kitchen tap adaptor offers exceptional water efficiency as well as being versatile with its 360° swivelling head.

Need some help?

If you can’t need help fitting your products please get in contact with us by calling 0333 2400 266 or by using the form below: